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Monday, September 24, 2012

whirlpool again

i had posted  earlier about the failure of the control panel
in my whirlpool automatic washing machine . i did not get
a response to the email i sent to the company's head office.
i had to replace the control panel at a cost of around rs 3500/-

control panel failed in another whirlpool automatic washing machine
owned by my uncle. same style . just after the warranty period
the control panel failed. even the indicating lamps dont light up.
probably a small fault in the mains input line. but no way to get
it repaired. the service agent just replaced the panel and charged
rs 3500/- .  this occured in the second week of september 2012.

as this control failure fails in a discernible pattern there is definitley
something wrong with the design. i plan to track such failures of the
whirlpool automatic washing machine and report in this blog.

i dont expect the company to help if their non response to my earlier
complaint is any indication. but whirlpool is still an international leader.
good sense can prevail any time. readers can post their specific
experience if any of the failure of  whirlpool automatic washing machine
in this blog or email to me at