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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

free samples

india is probably going international.
p&g offers free samples in india.
use and recommend.
register here.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

solar water purifier

the website below says this solar water disinfection device
which can be attached to a pet bottle will make the water
in the bottle  potable with a few hours of exposure
using just the uv rays of the sunshine; no chemicals or electricity.
the site says it is going to test the device in odisha in a big way.
u can get the device called WADI for about 50 pounds now.
the ultimate price when distributed on a large scale will be
much less.

3D printers

3D printing is not printing but manufacturing things
using a computer design automatically. well almost.
the site below gives details of a 3D printer which
can make things almost 6 inch in dimension.
the printer costs  about 1000 usd . if any one has
first hand experience of using 3D printer please post
 it here as guidance for intending users. i have no
personal experience.