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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

catch cockroaches the sticky way

it came almost as a surprise . a small sticky board
of say 10" x 4" costing about thirty rupees. one side
is coated with some sort of a sticky gum. keep the
board where you expect lizards, cockroaches etc
during the night. next morning lo and behold. lizards
and cockroaches  are stuck on the board. a few more
 next morning .  and again the day after.
unbelievable but we have  seen it in action.
the secret is probably the extra sticky gum which
doesnt dry up even after days of exposure.
product comes by the name TROUBLE GUM.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

emergency light using telephone line

an emergency light with  21   l e d   which can be plugged into a
telephone line.  works fine  but the light is not adequate.
battery back up is there. so the light can be used outside too.
price is about  rs 200  which may be a little on the higher side.
 i got the light thru internet  shopping

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

R T I database

right to information act is becoming popular by the day.
quite a lot of information is  being unearthed thtu  r t i  querries.
here is a site which lists the answers to  querries obtained
from the authorities concerned.

you will be amazed at the quantum of info available in this site.
you can also add  information collected by you thru  r t i  querries.
great intitaitve indeed .

Saturday, May 7, 2011

e books

want to read a book ? you have  movies on the net ,
live coverage on the t v , instant visuals on networks.
yet if  you feel like reading a book do not lose heart.
there are e books and e book readers to help you.

KINDLE  for example is an amazon product costing
 around 120 usd which allows you to download
an ebook in less than a minute from almost anywhere
in the world thru wireless and read it just like
any other book.

shashi taroor book on indo pak cricket is available
for download at about 10 usd. there are free books
too like dracula , pride and prejudice etc

you can read your  kindle book even in bright sunlight.
you can have it read out to you too.
 if any one owns a kindle e book reader please write
a review here.i have not used one . this is based on the
 info on site.

you can e publish your books on kindle and earn
royalty. visit for details.

Monday, March 28, 2011

the sony service saga

i am the proud owner of a sony tv. nay; i was, till recently.

the tv which worked fine for almost 7 years switched itself off a month back.
and the great journey to get it repaired started there.

as usual i tried the local repair man first as it appeared to be a simple problem
with the power supply. and as usual he messed it up.

i then called up the sony service centre. they sent a man who explanined  the sony
policy not to touch any thing touched by locals. he also admonished us for not
adhering to the sony policy   which is manadatory for all those who own sony products.

i sent an email to the address i got from a sony website. they too went thru the process of
teaching sony etiquette  but sent a more reasonable man . he took the the  pcb to the workshop
and promised to try and repair it.
a few days  later i got a call which said that sony  doesnt keep components of  models older than
seven years and therefore replacement is not available.  i insisted on repair as  i didnt want to
throw away a tv  which is fine except some burnout in the power supply segment. ( the preformance
was great till it went off ; no problem with the picture or sound quality ).
finally sony relented but said it would cost more than rupees six thousand. when i pointed
out that a new tv would cost that much if it is sony and much less if it is any other brand
they advised me to upgrade  to their new models.
why should i ?
  if sony is discarding its old models so esaily and frequently  why should i pay a premium
  and buy a sony product  ? i can as well go for a cheaper product and throw it away once
  it fails. i can do it more often as i  pay less.
just for the record what exactly is the unique selling point of sony and the basis for the
higher price of its products. it cannot be 'service' by any reckoning

Saturday, February 19, 2011

plastic processing

plastic came from oil . can it be pushed back to oil state ?
yes, says reearchers. using about one  unit of electricity
one kilogram of f plastic bag can be converted into one litre
of crude oil.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

in the offing

1. credit card that switches off.

    your credit card and debit card in one card.
    backed with a battery. goes blank  after a period
    of  no use. can be re used only after u key in the
    code.  some protection against theft ?

2. solar cells on the window glass

    a paint which will generate electricity from sunlight.
    so your window glass can  work as solar panel.


for more on the products taking shape in the labs