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Saturday, May 7, 2011

e books

want to read a book ? you have  movies on the net ,
live coverage on the t v , instant visuals on networks.
yet if  you feel like reading a book do not lose heart.
there are e books and e book readers to help you.

KINDLE  for example is an amazon product costing
 around 120 usd which allows you to download
an ebook in less than a minute from almost anywhere
in the world thru wireless and read it just like
any other book.

shashi taroor book on indo pak cricket is available
for download at about 10 usd. there are free books
too like dracula , pride and prejudice etc

you can read your  kindle book even in bright sunlight.
you can have it read out to you too.
 if any one owns a kindle e book reader please write
a review here.i have not used one . this is based on the
 info on site.

you can e publish your books on kindle and earn
royalty. visit for details.

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