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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

automatic washing machine

whirlpool 700s... the automatic washing machine.

i bought this machine a few months back for rs 17,000
and installed in my home in kerala. last week it failed.
water not filling. we called the service people. they came
after 3 solid days.

the diagnosis: wrong usage.
not using stabiliser.
not using the special powder.
the solution : buy both from the service firm at a cost of
rupees two thousand plus.
i said no and they said dire consequences ( to the machine ,
luckily not me)

i said repair the fault or allow me to complain.
they grumbled and did something. the machine is working
for the last 3 days. no idea what is in store as i declined their
persistent offer of the stabiliser and the powder.

i chose whirlpool among at least five competing brands for
its international reputation. but i did not realilse that local
set up is the most important factor.

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