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Thursday, March 8, 2012

service is the issue

i had bought a whirlpool automatic washing machine around two
 years back. paying a premium . mainly for its international reputation .

this machine just stopped working a few days back . that is  a few months
after its warranty period of two years expired. its control panel failed.
i got it repaired after paying the replacement cost.

i took up with the company . i raised  doubts about quality of the product.
the company  took the stand that the warranty expired and hence
replacement cost has to be paid by me.

the company is technically and probably legally right. but if the motor
fails next month and the if  the tub develops leak in two months , the company
can probably give the same advice. ultimately if  i end up paying the cost
of a new machine to make my whirlpool automatic washing machine
up and washing  just after two years of buying the machine, it should be
 my problem and not that of the company.

what it all boils down is that brand  is only in advertisements and goodwill
ends once the product is sold.

i am posting this with a purpose. to solicit similar experiences. and if possible
identify genuine companies who care for their customers even after their legal
responsibility expires.

please  post your comments.

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