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Sunday, August 5, 2012

alert kerala police by sms

great move from the police in kerala india.
any one can send an sms about a crime ,
 unseemly gathering , waste dumping and
what not to the police . they will know the
location instantly and send a team to the
great as an idea but not sure about the
degree of greatness in implementaion.

another great idea is to install camera for
public viewing in strategic locations like
traffic junctions, parks or any sensitive
places which need to be watched. and feed
the video on to an iternet site which the public
can watch . enable viewer feed back and put in 
place a mechanism to monitor it.

any one who is familiar with the internet knows
these video feeds will be viewed 24/7. someone
will be there on the site , from abraod if not from
the country, at any given time. and if the facility
is there they will report anything worth reporting.

 24 hour surveillance  with almost no cost.


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