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Saturday, July 26, 2014

l e d tube light fails in 6 months

i bought an  LED tube light  paying rs 2000/-
about 6 months back. from a reputed firm
in chennai
               poseidon lighting pvt Ltd

 who are specialists in solar ttechnology
and manufactures LED tubes and products in house.

this tube worked fine so far . with lumens and colour
comparable to normal flurescent tube light . almost
nothing  to distinguish from normal tube. except
the price which is almost 40 times .

LED tube light is expected to work for a minimum
of 5 years. with power consumption below 20 watts.

 my tube failed in six months. the negative end of
the tube of about 6 inches  has gone opaque . the other
portion is still glowing . probably LED there failed.

LED  is the best possible solution to save power. it is
not picking up basically becoz of the prohibitive price.
and now unbelievably poor performance.

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