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Monday, February 16, 2015

Discarded Tongue

How simpler are they!
The A and B of standard first
How difficult are my native tongue
That I learned from Panachikkad
Standing in the queue
And offering rituals .

More elegant are
T he belted trousers and long tie
Than the festival dress
My parents fondly made me garb

Why to bye-heart multiplication tables
when calculator readily available

When the fish-lets die en mass in trolling net
Before they could see the sky and land
The baited fish lodges complaint
The fisher man trapped her to devour her chastity.

The mosquito was fearlessly draining my blood
The frog was waiting to satiate its hunger right
And the water snake for a chance to devour the frog
While everything was right in nature's law
The L P school was counting the jail door bars
Over a charge of pelting stones
At stray dogs that hounded my mother tongue.

The thrill of travel fills in a water bottle
when the 26 alphabets grouped
And raped the 56 alphabets in a school bus.
I could not call oh ! mother
when I saw an insane women's
scattered bag in a zebra line
I saw my tongue
together with her body

Discarded in a plantain leaf.

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