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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

whirlpool again

Whirlpool automatic washing machine is a good cash sink

I purchased a white magic pro 700s in Dec 2008 for about  Rs 10,000/-. At that time it was one of the costliest automatic washing machines available. I fell for the brand name  whirlpool.
PCB of the machine which is the power supply and control unit failed after about 3 years.  I had to replace it paying about  Rs 2800/- . After great efforts.  And a delay of about 15 days.  I tried to lodge a complaint with the  company head quarters  but didn’t  succeed . I think it has no provision to accept complaints from India .  Surprisingly  I found no link to the  India division of the company in the website. Finally I went thru the dealer and got it done. I had posted that story in this blog during that time.
PCB failed again soon.  After working for about a year  or  so. This time again I went thru the dealer and got some concession in the replacement cost.  I do not have this receipt with me.  I have  all other  receipts and  documents with me.
PCB failed again last week .  After working  for about 3 years .  The  replacement  cost this time is Rs 4600/- .
So my advice is go for this great international brand but be prepared to shell out more than its cost in PCB replacement alone in , say, 7 years. The PCB is probably designed that way. To fail in about 3 years or less.  Have a good look at the picture of the attached burnt out PCB .  Printed circuit side of the smaller one blackened almost  entirely .
I had to incur additional expenditure to replace the balancing rods and other minor repairs.  At a cost of around Rs 2000/-.  Which I accept as normal .  
Whirlpool  washing machine is good cash sink. Go for it only if you can afford the recurring repair cost.

20 Apr 2016